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Bridal Hairstyles For Short Hair – Our Favourites

In a world that is dominated by long hairdos, you may think it is quite challenging to find the style that would suit your short hair. However, there are many options to achieve an iconic look even without the use of extensions. Today we are listing the top bridal hairstyles to help you tailor your wedding styling perfectly!

Bob with hair slide / pin

Opt for beach waves and a side parting, beautifully accented with statement hair slide / pin (sometimes called fancy bobby pins)! From simple sparkle, to pearl or floral adorned pins, create a focal point that will achieve a show-stopping effect. It is one of the simplest bridal hairstyles that is bound to awe-inspire your guests. We love the simply beauty of this style so much in fact we think it would be great for pre-wedding celebrations too.

Short hair with wave and statement pin

Blunt Cut or Pixie adorned with a Hair Vine

Having a bunt cut style, or even a pixie cut can look incredibly stylish and breath-taking when adorned with a hair vine. You can complete the styling with a gentle hair accessory that looks delicate while still accenting your unique modern style. This is one of those bridal hairstyles for short hair that is guaranteed to turn heads!

Blunt cut with small vine

Dutch Braids

If you want to elevate your bridal aesthetic with a romantic flair, you cannot go wrong with the beautiful and gentle dutch braids – even if you have a bob! Neatly tucked at the back, it will create a timeless look that will enchant everyone.

Twists and Florals

Twisted up-dos can be pulled if your hair is shoulder length, however, it is totally possible with a bit of a longer bob too! Softly tucked to the back and adorned with a few floral pins – gorgeous and effortlessly elegant.

Twisted hairstyle using pins and florals

Messy Bun / Chignon

Chignons can be created for short hair too! A messy low up-do will compliment your overall styling especially if it is adorned with a comb or crown to accent. It looks romantic, modern, and the best part? Be sure to ask your hairstylist about this one because often it can be perfectly created with short hair too!

Bun shape with pins
Twisted bun
Bun with added volume

Add a crowning Glory

Wear your hair with a wave or a curl and a beautiful crown. This could be a dramatic crystal of jewelled piece, or a beautiful floral crown. If you’re having a country or bohemian themed wedding, why not try a hat (you can ask your florist to add a floral crown to this as well.

Ophelia Crystal Tiara
Floral Crown
White Fedora

Natural with Veil

Love the way you style your hair normally? Who says you cant have it the same on your wedding day, especially if that’s what makes you comfortable. Make it more bridal by topping it off with a beautiful birdcage veil.

Natural hair with birdcage veil

We hoped you loved our selection and found inspiration when it comes to short hair bridal hairstyles!

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