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Convertible dresses that allow for more coverage during the ceremony and little more fun at the reception is the perfect way to embrace a more classic style without feeling restricted. Don’t want a convertible dress, mix up your look by changing your accessories from day to night.

The best place to look when trying to decide your colour palette? Your closet! Figuring out what colours you are naturally drawn to is key in finding a hue that really suits your style and personality.

Don’t be too specific about the actual elements that go into your inspiration board, it’s more about communicating the colour palette and mood. Use swatches of fabric or lace, beads and ribbons to bring it to life!

Don’t underestimate the timelessness of a veil. We love veils, lace, pearls, and family (jewellery) heirlooms. They are all such classically beautiful elements of bridal fashion that never go out of style. Want to mix it up, go for a beautiful cape veil.

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